Serrated Loop Tool


The serrated loop is made from a jeweler’s saw blade, and it’s good for pumpkins, potatoes, and clay. It’s aggressive enough to create medium and small forms, but delicate enough for subtle shaping.

The tip shown here is similar to the actual tool. Since each is made by hand, no two are identical.


Deane Arnold’s custom made tools are great for carving 3D sculpted pumpkins, potatoes, and other types of squash and vegetables! Some are specifically for use with clay.

Each sculpting tool is one of a kind, no two are exactly alike. Deane makes them as needed to perform specific tasks. The oak, hickory, and maple shafts are made from used drum sticks, and are finished with tung oil. The tips are made from strips of ground stainless steel or jewelers sawblades. The brass ferrules are cut to size. The serrated raked tips are excellent for additional control in sculpting forms, while the pointed tips are for carving V-grooves with ease. New tools become available as they are made.

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